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Subscription Procedures
Things that you have to do are very simple! Follow these steps and start to use natural gas!
Find out if there is natural gas network in your quarter. If there is, apply to ESGAZ with a photocopy of your ID and certificate of residence.
Subscription Desk
Go to 'Preliminary Subscription Counter'. Fill carefully in the 'Preliminary Subscription Petition' that will be given to you there.
Cashier's Desk
Go to the cashier's desk with the petition you filled and the other documents. Pay the connection fee 150 $ + VAT there.
Application Form
To find out if the interior installation of your house is compatible with natural gas, apply to the authorized firms to whom Interior Installation Construction Authorization Certificate is granted by ESGAZ.
Authorized firm shall draw the connection project of the structure to which gas connection will be made. Then it shall take project permission by applying to ESGAZ with the letter of advice of the project and 150 $ + VAT connection fee that you paid previously.
After the project is approved by ESGAZ, process of the implementation of the installation and replacement of the interior installation start.
When the interior installation replacement is finished, you go to ESGAZ with the approved project, the subscription information that was taken from the authorized fitter and the ID photocopy. Here, Guarantee and Counter Fee are paid to the cashier's desk and subscription contract is done. ESGAZ officials perform your natural gas connection within two days.
You are a natural gas subscriber now! You can heat your house with natural gas and take a bath for long periods, and cook your meals easily without the worrying that your gas cylinder will run up.



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